Tuesday 18 September 2012

Update your bookmarks!

If you have the Possum TV Live webcam server bookmarked, you will need to change your link from http://www.possum.dyndns.tv to http://possum.dyndns.tv.

There's a somewhat involved story behind this, but in brief, DynDNS changed their policy to no longer allow free accounts (such as mine) to use "wildcard" domains. I.e. I can have possum.dyndns.tv, but not www.possum.dyndns.tv or ftp.possum.dyndns.tv etc. This policy change actually happened some time ago (last year, I think), but it seems my site was only affected just recently, after I had to reset the IP address due to problems caused by a power outage.

Possum TV Live Webcam showing Flea in box 1 recently

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