Saturday 26 January 2013

Update 19th December 2012

[Sorry that this post if out of order. I accidentally clicked the wrong place and deleted the original and there doesn't seem to be any way to get it back without re-posting it.]

There haven't been any updates for a while because I've been away for work.

Since my last post, only Kiki, Svejk and Pinot have been visiting with any regularity and now even Svejk hasn't been seen for several days. Here are some recent photos of the three:

Kiki 11/12/2012  [Photo by Xesce]

Svejk  11/12/2012  [Photo by Xesce]
Pinot 8/12/2012  [Photo by Xesce]

Of the remaining possums; Marlon visited once last week, but none of the others have been seen for a while. It might be that the carpet pythons are now getting active and the possums are having to be careful. A small carpet python recently visited box 4, so we know they're around.

Carpet python demonstrating a figure-8 knot 4/12/2012

A mother ringtail with a very cute baby riding on her back was seen a couple of weeks ago.

Mother and baby ringtail 8/12/2012 -  click for a bigger image [Photo by Xesce]

I'm not sure if this was the same mother ringtail seen earlier this year; most ringtails don't come close enough to be recognised.

Also, I've put a movie on YouTube showing Pinot twisting and turning, trying to get comfortable in recent hot weather. Lots of cute yawning and stretching and funny poses.

Pinot trying to get comfortable 17/12/2012

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