Tuesday 16 April 2013

Update 16th April 2013

Only Kiki, Spock and Wesley have been visiting. Here's Spock on the hand-rail, tilting his head like Wesley.

Spock 12th April 2013 [Photo by Xesce]

Spock has come into the house on his own a few times. Although still very small, he is confident enough to bite toes.

Spock toe-biting 12th April 2013

Wesley has been sleeping in some odd places. He's been in the garage door six times so far and in a stack of tyres twice - or possibly more, because I don't check these locations every day.

Wesley in tyre in garage 2nd April 2013
Wesley in garage door 10th April 2013

Possum Injury News:

Wesley's wound has probably healed. It's difficult to tell because his fur now covers most of the patch where the wound was. Since exudative dermatitis causes the fur to drop out, the fact that there's now plenty of fur in the area indicates that there's most probably no infection.

Kiki now has a wound in front of her left eye. It looks deeper than a simple scratch, but is less extensive that the face wounds that Marlon and Pinot suffered earlier this year and doesn't look infected

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