Thursday 24 October 2013

Update 24th Oct 2013

Not much new this time. Kiki and Amiri are still visiting together, and there's no sign that Amiri is in imminent danger of being chased away, although he sometimes sleeps alone in Box 7.

Amiri (left) and Kiki (right) 22nd Oct 2013

Scruffles is also still visiting.

Scruffles pretending to be a possum 22nd Oct 2013

Dexter is regularly using Box 3, but still isn't visiting the house.

Dexter yawning and stretching in Box 3 - 23rd Oct 2013

I have installed temperature sensors in Boxes 2 and 7. These have now been (more or less) calibrated and should be accurate to within a few 10ths of a degree. The temperature is displayed in the bottom right corner of the box camera picture.

Owing to how hot and uncomfortable Dexter looked in Box 3, I should probably also put a temperature sensor in this box. Unfortunately it's furthest from the house and a lot of cabling is required, so this might have to wait a while.

Also, I've noticed that when trying to view the streaming box cameras on Internet Explorer on a new computer, it pops up a big scary warning about the Cambozola Applet being unsigned. It's not clear to me what the big deal is, since it's actually safer to run an unsigned applet, as it gets automatically sandboxed by Java. However, it seems the latest version of Java thinks differently.

For what it's worth, the Cambozola Applet has been in use with streaming video systems for many years and can be regarded as safe. But if you're still worried, the solution is to switch to a different browser. Firefox, Chrome and Safari are all available for free and none of them require Java Applets to view the box cameras.

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  1. Lovely photos as always, but that one of Dexter is especially brilliant.

    For others reading this: we use Chrome, no problems :)