Friday 18 September 2015

Introducing Kyoo

Kiki has finally brought her new baby to the house. The baby has been named Kyoo (pronounced "Cue"). Kyoo is probably a boy.

Kiki with Kyoo back-riding - 16th Sept 2015

According to the box cameras, Kyoo has been both entering and leaving the nest box back-riding on Kiki for some time now, so Kiki has probably been deliberately waiting for the right time to introduce her baby to the humans.

Although Kyoo is Kiki's 13th baby, Kiki is not looking worn down but instead seems energetic and pleased with herself.

Kiki with Kyoo back-riding - 16th Sept 2015

Both Kyoo and Sasha's baby Puck look very similar - more similar to each other than they are to their mothers - so it's possible that Farley is the father of both.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome Kyoo :)

    (at our end, baby Bobuck possum Clyde is doing very well and is now out of the pouch permanently)