Saturday 28 November 2015

Update 28th Nov 2015

Currently, only Sasha and Farley have been turning up with any regularity. Toto has been seen on and off - she is still living in the ceiling space but doesn't visit the feeding area very often and is probably being kept away by Sasha.

Toto glares angrily out of the ceiling space at Sasha in a nearby tree - 31th Oct 2015

I'm not sure what has happened to Toto's baby. Her pouch is empty when she visits, so either the baby has fallen victim to some mishap, or she's deliberately keeping it out of the way for safety reasons. Since Toto herself rarely visits, and is often attacked by Sasha when she does, it would make sense that she'd keep a young baby out of harm's way.

Sasha sitting on top of Box 7 - 26th Nov 2015

Sasha herself has a new baby in the pouch. It's still very tiny, but occasionally parts of it are visible in her pouch when she lies back in her nestbox on a hot day.

Farley dangling from a tree with grabbing hands ready - 3rd Nov 2015

Wasabi turns up occasionally for a visit and was in good health when last seen.

Kiki turned up one night early last month, without Kyoo, but hasn't been seen since. It's possible that Kiki has vacated the area in favour of her daughter Toto. I'm hoping Kiki finds it possible to come back for a visit once in a while.

Kyoo was last seen on the 16th Oct, when he slept in Box 7 on his own, but he hasn't been seen since, either.

Also, a dead ringtail was found on the footpath by a neighbour. This was under some power lines, so it's possible the little one was electrocuted. The ringtail was a young female with no babies in the pouch. She wasn't one of our known ringtails, but it's still sad when something like this happens.

In other news, a brush turkey has built a mound in the back yard, and one brush turkey chick has already been sighted. I'll post a separate entry on this later - I need to edit some video footage and post it on YouTube.

Finally, I thought I'd share photos of some colourful animals seen in the back yard recently.

Sacred Kingfisher - 11th Nov 2015

Water Dragon - 16th Nov 2015


  1. Jeni at Northern Rivers Dreaming29 November 2015 at 08:40:00 GMT+10

    Gorgeous Sacred Kingfisher photo!

    You must be really missing seeing Kiki regularly.

    1. Yes, Kiki is very much missed, and I'll be very glad if she comes back for a visit.