Saturday 6 January 2018

Update 6th Jan 2018

Sasha's new baby, who is another boy, has been named Tarzan. He had just started back-riding early in the night. Here is the first photo of him. The photo is a bit grainy; Sasha was keeping the young one away from humans at this stage and was up the top of a tree out of the range of the flash and I had to brighten the photo a lot.

Sasha with Tarzan back-riding - 5th Jan 2018

Unfortunately, Sasha has not been taking the little one into Box 7 very often, and to an extent this is my fault. Renovations are being done to the Possum TV house (which is also a reason why I haven't been posting as often), and as part of this I boxed in some eaves at the front of the garage. This had the effect of creating a whole row of little possum apartments just over the garage door. For some reason, Sasha has taken a particular liking to one of the apartments and sleeps there almost every day in preference to the nearby box 7.

But stay tuned to Possum TV anyway; Sasha had occasionally been seen in other boxes. Here is a video of her leaving Box 3 with Tarzan clinging to her back leg.

Sasha leaving Box 3 with Tarzan clinging to her leg - 31st Dec 2017

Zoë was seen with a swollen pouch in December.

Zoë - 15th Dec 2017

And a much more swollen pouch in the new year.

Zoë - 4th Jan 2018

She has been keeping her baby/babies away from the humans, but she was seen once with a back-rider and I managed to get only this one terribly out-of-focus shot of them in the distance.

Zoë with back-riding baby - 5th Jan 2018

It is fairly likely that Koji is the father of Zoë's offspring. Koji has been visiting very irregularly and it's possible he has child-minding duties to attend to.

There have been a number of other ringtails of unknown origin around.

A female ringtail with an unusual bent tail was seen at one stage. She was very shy and I barely managed to get a photo of the tail as she disappeared into the trees. The inward curve of the tail (where it is crossed by a shadow) is not normal and I suspect it was injured at some stage.

Ringtail with bent tail - 17th Dec 2018

There was also a very cute young ringtail seen sitting quietly in a tree near the house. He or she was chased off angrily by Zoë soon after this photo was taken.

Unknown young ringtail -  4th Jan 2018

Marlowe hasn't been seen in a while, but is probably still around.

Marlowe - 28th Nov 2017 [Photo by Xesce]

 Arrow is seen comparatively often.

Arrow - 4th Dec 2017 [Photo by Xesce]
Arrow - 21st Dec 2017

Arrow - 25th Dec 2017

As far as other wildlife goes, there have been no pythons (seen) and Elvis the water dragon hasn't been spotted in a long time, but there has been quite a bit of bird life. Here is a happy rainbow lorikeet who has presumably found a lot of yummy flowers to feast on.

Rainbow Lorikeet - 23rd Dec 2017

And finally a photo of Gatsby. He's seen in the yard every day but is difficult to photograph. He's usually to be found vigorously kicking leaf litter onto his mound and won't stand still long enough for a photo.

Gatsby - 4th Jan 2018

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