Tuesday 30 April 2019

Update 30th April 2019

There has been a big downturn in the number of possums visiting, for a reason that will be explained later. But first, more pictures of Nikita and her babies Ryder and Rune.

Nikita (left), Rune (centre) and Ryder (right) - 10th March 2019

Ryder (left) and Rune (right) - 10th March 2019

Ryder (left) and Rune (right) - 10th March 2019

Ryder (left) and Rune (right) - 10th March 2019

Ryder (left) and Rune (right) - 10th March 2019

Rune (left) and Ryder (right) - 19th March 2019

Nikita (left) and Ryder (right) - 16th March 2019

You will notice that the latest of these photos is more than a month old.

About a week after the last entry was posted, all of the possums suddenly stopped visiting. The weather had been hot and somewhat wet, and by past experience this usually means there's a python around. I looked carefully and didn't see one, but my python detecting skills are far inferior to a possum's.

Eventually a python was caught on camera investigating Box 4.

Python in Box 4 - 25th March 2019

Later it visited Box 3.

Python in Box 3 - 2nd April 2019

It doesn't look like this python has eaten a possum-sized meal any time recently.

I think there might still be a python around, because the possums are still being cautious; Sasha, Bilbo and Nikita are visiting again, although not as regularly as before, and Koji and the babies have yet to reappear. There was one sighting of a mother and baby ringtail in the front yard - they looked like Nikita and Ryder, but could possibly have been Pebbles and her baby - and also a sighting probably of Rune on her own.

Hopefully, Koji is taking care of the babies.

When Bilbo reappeared, he had numerous small pluckings and a number of minor wounds on his body. The wounds were already well on their way to healing. Some of the plucking had fur starting to grow back, which seemed to indicate that he had been in a series of fights over a period of time rather than one big fight.

I'm not sure where these fights have been taking place because I haven't heard anything nearby.

In photos, Sasha often looks like a big plump possum. While she is, relatively speaking, a big possum, she is not really as plump as she often appears. A combination of posture and thick fur can often make a possum look like a big round ball. Also, having babies in the pouch makes a difference.

So here is a photo of Sasha in a different pose which makes her look less like a basketball. I was unable to identify what she was looking at in this photo, but she was staring intently at something for a long time, so it could have been the python.

Sasha - 13th March 2019

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