Wednesday 14 August 2019

Update 14th Aug 2019 - Introducing Miel

Sasha's new baby in now back-riding full time. He (I am pretty sure he is a little boy possum) has been named Miel.

Sasha with Miel back-riding - 4th August 2019

Miel (French for honey) is honey coloured and looks like a sweet little possum.

Bilbo is looking healthy and is often seen following Sasha about. I suppose now that Miel is out of the pouch it will be mating time soon.

Bilbo - 24th July 2019 [Photo by Xesce]

In a couple of places where he suffered wounds (now long healed), the fur has grown back white. I haven't seen this before.

Bilbo - 3rd August 2019 

Even zooming in, it's not immediately obvious from the photo, but the white patch below is actual fur, and not skin showing through.

Patch of white fur on Bilbo - 3rd August 2019 

Nikita's baby Koru is still small but appears to be mostly independent of Nikita and is often seen by herself.

Koru - 6th Aug 2019

Meanwhile Pebbles has also appeared with two babies. Pebbles stays away from the humans and is only occasionally seen around the place. Pebbles' babies appear to be slightly younger than Koru.

Nikita seems to have a problem with Pebbles and once I saw her stalking after Pebbles, and then charging in for the attack. Also, occasionally ringtails chase each other around the garden, although it's usually not clear who is chasing who.

Pebbles with babies - 18th July 2019

Pebbles' babies - 7th August 2019 

Koji now hasn't been seen since March this year, but there have been other male ringtails seen about.

Koji has always gone out of the way to help his family members, right from when he was looking after his younger siblings (both before and after the death of his mother Ruby), until earlier this year when he was looking after his grandchildren Ryder and Rune. Also, he was always very happy to visit with humans, so it's unusual he hasn't been seen looking after Koru or just visiting for his own sake.

It is possible that he has given his territory to his daughter Nikita and is now busy looking after other of his family members elsewhere. I hope he's doing well; he's very much missed.

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