Saturday 18 January 2020

Update 18th Jan 2020 - Introducing Rahmet

Sasha's new baby has been named Rahmet. He is now back-riding. Here he is on top of Box 7 where Sasha and he slept earlier in the day. In hot/sticky weather they often sleep on top of the box rather than inside.

Rahmet (top) and Sasha (right) - 17th Jan 2020

Rahmet is a Turkish word which apparently can mean Rain, Mercy or Compassion, all of which were (at the time of naming) badly needed in this country. We've subsequently had a bit of rain, but the mercy and compassion are still lacking.

For the benefit of overseas viewers, I should say that Possum TV is located in Brisbane in the state of Queensland. Queensland got off very lightly with regards to the recent Australian bushfires. Much of New South Wales and Victoria suffered what amounts to a holocaust of fire, and the cities of Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne were suffocated in dangerous levels of smoke.

Brisbane, by contrast, had only a tiny amount of smoke and there were no fires nearby. I think we are still seeing the effects of climate change here (much fewer insects and spiders and possums still on a winter feeding cycle), but it's much better that, than the mass destruction that happened elsewhere.

Sasha with Rahmet back-riding - 7th Jan 2020

Here is Rahmet after experiencing what was possibly his first ever shower of rain.

Rahmet back-riding on Sasha - 15th Jan 2020

Marcel is a regular visitor. He is looking healthy and doesn't seem to have been in any fights.

Marcel - 1st Jan 2020

Marcel - 9th Jan 2020

Miel is still around. Marcel hasn't tried to fight with him or chase him off. At the moment, there is a truce between the two; if both arrive at the house at the same time, they eat their food facing away from each other, each pretending "I can't see you and you can't see me". If one of them accidentally does something to spook the other, both run off in opposite directions.

I don't want to give the impression that either possum is a coward. It's just that these two don't have any immediate conflict of interest and both are smart enough to know they'll lose more than they'll gain by fighting. This will change when Miel grows a bit older.

Here is Miel dangling by his back feet from a dead gum tree. 

Miel - 5th Jan 2020

Miel - 9th Jan 2020

Miel - 9th Jan 2020

Miel [zoomed in on face] - 9th Jan 2020

The ringtails have been generally keeping away from the humans and it's difficult to tell whether the most recent ones seen are actually who we think they are, but it appears that Pebbles and Omar are still around.

I managed to get a photo of Omar as he ran away on the balcony handrail. Not the most interesting photo, but it's the only one of him I've ever managed to get. He looks to be in very good condition. It's common for ringtails to have patches of thinning fur on their rumps when under stress and Omar's fur looks perfect in this area.

Omar - 5th Jan 2020

About a week later, Pebbles suddenly appeared right near the house with two babies on her back. Pebbles generally keeps clear of humans, but maybe she couldn't resist showing off her two healthy youngsters. I hope she visits some more.

Pebbles with babies back-riding - 13th Jan 2020

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