Tuesday 31 March 2020

Update 31st March 2020

Since I made the last entry, Nikita has returned several times for a visit.

Nikita - 24th Mar 2020

It is really good news to see her again. There are a lot of dangers in the world for a little ringtail possum - including a couple of cats which visited the yard a few weeks ago - and it's very good to that she's happy and healthy.

Nikita - 24th Mar 2020

Frequently ringtails have patches of thinning fur on them - which is said to be due to stress - but Nikita's coat is in perfect condition. 

By the way, the photos above were taken just after midnight on the 24th, whereas the photos below were taken before midnight on the following night, so they all have the same date but are actually from two consecutive nights.

Nikita - 24th Mar 2020

Nikita has babies in her pouch but they are very small at this stage.

Nikita - 24th Mar 2020

Sasha and Rahmet were there during Nikita's first visit. Sometimes ringtails are cheeky to brushtails, and sometimes brushtails are aggressive towards ringtails, but this time they gave each other some space. 

Nikita (top left) and Sasha (bottom right) with Rahmet back-riding - 24th Mar 2020

Rahmet is now sometimes back-riding.

Rahmet back-riding on Sasha - 24th Mar 2020

And sometimes not, although he usually keeps close to Sasha.

Rahmet (left) and Sasha (right) - 24th Mar 2020

It doesn't come across in the photos, but Rahmet's tail is particularly fluffy - the fluffiest I've ever seen on a baby.

Rahmet - 24th Mar 2020

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