Friday 3 July 2020

Update 3rd July 2020 - Baby Possum Alert

As at least one alert viewer has already noticed, Sasha's latest baby is starting to come out of the pouch while in the nest box, so now is time for another Baby Possum Alert

In addition, Nikita has appeared with both of her babies - Howl and Muse - back-riding.

Nikita with Howl (front?) and Muse (back?) back-riding - 1st July 2020

Sasha's baby climbs on her back in Box 4 - 3rd July 2020

Sasha looks on as her baby explores Box 4 - 3rd July 2020

Sasha can be seen in Box 4 or Box 7 most days. The baby is most likely to be seen in the afternoon when it's warmest. All of the box cameras - except for the defective box 1 camera - display the temperature inside the box. If it's below about 19°C the baby is unlikely to spend long out of the pouch. Today, Box 4 got to nearly 25°C and the baby was active for a considerable time.

Nikita with Howl (front?) and Muse (back?) back-riding - 1st July 2020

Nikita with Howl and Muse back-riding - 2nd July 2020

Although the idea was to name the boldest of Nikita's offspring - the first one out of her pouch and presumably the noisy one - Howl, it turns out that both of her babies are pretty bold. Both were crowding forward on her back towards the humans.

Nikita with Howl and Muse back-riding - 2nd July 2020

The babies were climbing over each other and there was no indication that one was more dominant than the other.

Possum Pile: Nikita underneath, Howl and Muse on top - 2nd July 2020

Finally, a photo of Rahmet. Rahmet has recently been making a nuisance of herself by piddling and pooing while in the feeding area. It is possible that she is deploying her waste products as a weapon against other possums - at times it seems there might be some deliberate aiming going on - although it could also be a scent-marking thing

Rahmet - 27th June 2020

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