Friday 24 June 2022

Update 24th June 2022

Although it has been a while since the last entry, relatively little has changed in the possum world. Hapi is growing up. This is what he looked like in April.

Hapi - 27th April

Like other young possums, he went through a (thankfully brief) stage where he would try to get into the house by climbing up the screen door.

Hapi - 27th May 2022

Hapi - 27th May 2022

Now he is completely independent of his mother Wink. He mostly sleeps in the garage, often on top of box 7. Going by past experience (which admittedly is not always a good guide) it should be a couple of months at least before he gets chased out of the area.

Hapi - 22nd June 2022

Hapi - 22nd June 2022

Blossom - 9th June 2022

Blossom has (sort of) returned. I think she has a territory elsewhere, but often she turns up at the house for food. She usually sneaks in when no other possums are around and quickly disappears if anyone else turns up. On a couple of occasions she has slept in a possum box, but she knows not to antagonise the resident possums by doing this too often.

Blossom - 9th June 2022

Blossom has a baby (her first) in her pouch.

Walt - 19th April 2022

Walt hasn't been seen for about a month. There is always a worry when possums stop turning up, but male possums do tend to leave for extended periods and all three females in the areas have pouch babies at the moment. When the babies start back-riding he might be back - males are often seen at this time and I think it's partly to do with protecting the young and partly getting ready for mating.

Wink - 30th May 2022

Wink is doing well. The photo is of her in a frangipani after having angrily chased away Hapi or Blossom.

Wink also has a baby in the pouch. This will be her third.

Sasha - 20th June 2022 [Photo by Xesce]

Sasha is also doing well. She has her 15th (known) baby in the pouch. Her baby is older than than the other two and we should see it in about another month. I will post a Baby Possum Alert when I see the little one out of the pouch

Sasha - 20th June 2022 [Photo by Xesce]

Ringtails are occasionally seen around. Usually they keep their distance, but on one occasion one ventured close enough to be offered food - but wasn't interested and ran away when my hand got too close.

Ringtails - 25th April 2022

Elmo has found that if he acts like a possum he can get treated like a possum. Most nights he appears in the trees in the possum feeding area and accepts food from hand like a possum. 

Elmo - 24th June 2022

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