Sunday 6 May 2012

Flat Stanley visits the Possums

In March we had a visit from Flat Stanley who came all the way from Canada. The possums were all eager to meet him.

Flat Stanley meets Flea

Flat Stanley Meets Svejk

Flat Stanley meets Kiki

[All of the above photos were taken by Xesce.]

Flat Stanley also visited Box 7 where Kiki and Flea had been sleeping earlier that day.

Flat Stanley visits Box 7

Here's how he looked on the box camera - almost invisible! The problem is that the camera uses infra-red light to film in the darkness and can't see normal colours.
Flat Stanley on the nestbox camera

And here's a video from earlier the same day. Kiki is in the box and Flea tries to climb in with her, but loses her footing and tumbles in head-first.

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