Sunday 20 May 2012

Possum status update 20th May 2012

Kiki, Flea, Marlon, Pinot, Svejk and Wasabi are all still visiting and have been hanging around the house for longer periods than usual. Possibly the pythons (which haven't been seen for nearly a month) have moved somewhere else, or possibly there's less natural food around in the colder weather.

Pinot is no longer nervous around the humans and is becoming quite bold.

Flea is learning her place in the possum hierarchy; last night she hissed at and chased off Pinot.

Here's a photo of her glaring at him from the balcony rail.

Pinot (background) and Flea (foreground)
One piece of bad news is that Flea looks like she has got exudative dermatitis. She has scabbing around both eyes, with a little on the sides of her mouth and also in her left ear.

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