Wednesday 25 December 2013

Update 25th Dec 2013

Amiri is still around. Often he remains on the roof of the house and doesn't come into the trees when Kiki is around.

Amiri 3rd Dec 2013

There has been very little action in the possum boxes. Only once so far this month has a possum (Dexter) slept in any of the boxes.

Amiri has been seen sleeping in the garage door a number of times. I don't know why he prefers this over the nearby box 7 which must be much cooler and more comfortable.

Amiri using his tail as a pillow, in Garage Door 20th Dec 2013

Kiki is visiting regularly and in good health. Her latest baby is growing and movement can sometimes be seen in the pouch.

Dexter is probably still around. He was seen briefly a week or so ago getting chased over the roof by Kiki.

Scruffles is also still visiting.

Wasabi hasn't been seen for a couple of weeks, which is normal for him. When last seen his eye was no better or worse than before and he otherwise appeared healthy. It's difficult to tell how much vision he has in the bad eye, but however much or little it is, it seems that he's able to cope, which is the important thing.

Wasabi 6th Dec 2013 [Photo by Xesce]

A female ringtail has been seen around. She didn't come close enough to be identified and it's not clear whether she's Tilda, Ruby, Vindi or a new ringtail. She was aware of the presence of humans, but preferred to feast on tender new leaves than come any closer.

Unknown Ringtail 7th Dec 2013 [Photo by Xesce]

Finally, on a Christmas theme, I've posted a movie to YouTube showing Kiki and Pinot demolishing a gingerbread house. This was actually filmed last Christmas, but by the time I'd downloaded and sorted out all of the film clips the holiday season was over, so I decided to save it for the following year.

Kiki and Pinot demolish a gingerbread house 25-30th Dec 2012

BTW, I do understand that it's bad to feed possums rich foods like this, however this was a one-off treat, and in the six days the gingerbread house was exposed to the possums only a small fraction of it was eaten. Neither possum showed any signs of ill-health afterwards.


  1. LOL. That video was wonderful. We loved the speeded up bits, plus how Kiki took the whole thing at the end. Interesting they don't like the banana chips. Fresh banana is very popular here, although each possum has a preference for how they deal with the skin, which we leave on because some like to eat it.

    Also loved the photo of Amiri in the garage door. We've got one possum who sleeps under the solar panels. Totally mad. It must be so uncomfortable on a hot day. There's a nice cool roof overhang right nearby, with a nice cool possum box resting in it's shade. But no, he has to sleep under the solar panel!

    Happy Christmas from our lot to your lot :)

    PS: did you see Possum Wars the other night?

  2. Happy Christmas from our possums too :)

    The possums here are particularly fond of banana too. Given that they often prefer slightly old and leathery pieces of apple to fresh apple, I had thought banana chips would have been a particular delicacy, but it seems not. It's often difficult to predict what they will like; for instance they reject fresh strawberries, but seem to love the synthetic strawberry flavour of Ceclor.

    I didn't know that Possum Wars was being shown on TV. I'd known for a while that they were making the documentary, but hadn't realised it had been released - I don't watch a lot of TV these days. I'll see if I can download a copy or watch it on line.

  3. It was available to watch on the ABC website for a couple of weeks. Sorry, should have posted about it. It was interesting. They made a park in Melbourne the central story.

    1. I've manged to find a copy of this documentary on line. I'll see if I can post a review of it on this blog because there are some things it says that I think need to be commented on.