Saturday 19 April 2014

Update 19th Apr 2014

Wasabi has been seen again. He is healthy and his tail injury continues to improve.

Wasabi - 19th April 2014

Wasabi - 19th April 2014

The skin under his tail no longer looks irritated and there is more hair growing back.

Wasabi's Tail Injury - 19th April 2014

He has also been seen on the hand-rail where he was captured, so it seems that he doesn't have bad memories of the experience.

Kiki and Oz have been visiting regularly. Oz is no longer back-riding but still sticks close to Kiki. He has a very thick coat of fur, which makes him appear bigger than he actually is.

Kiki (right) and Oz (left) - 9th April 2014

Amiri was last seen sleeping in the garage door on the 1st of April, but didn't visit on that date and hasn't been seen since. I suppose he was about due to be chased out of the area by Kiki.

Amiri in garage door - 1st April 2014

Although I would very much like him to come back for a visit, I'm hoping that it's a good sign that he has stayed away. Possums often seem to make a point of returning to the house when they've suffered injuries and need treatment, so if Amiri is staying away, maybe that means that his bite wounds weren't serious and got better on their own.

At least that is what I hope.

Dexter has been seen around and appears to have been quite scratched up around the face. He didn't come close enough for a good look, but from what I could see there was no infection.

Recently, a possum with a white-tipped tail visited box 1. It's difficult to be sure (especially with the old box camera in box 1), but from what I could see there is a very good chance that this possum is Flea. Flea was Kiki's 6th baby, who was last seen in October 2012. It would be very good to know that she was still around and has a territory nearby.

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