Wednesday 11 March 2015

Introducing Toto

Kiki's latest baby (her 12th) is now out of the pouch. He or she (the gender is still unclear although the little one looks more like a boy) has been named Toto.

Toto on Kiki's back - 8th March 2015

Unfortunately, Kiki didn't visit Box 7 when Toto was in the pouch, so we didn't get to see the little one come out to play, like we did with Kiki's previous several babies.

Here's the first photo of any part of Toto; a grabbing hand emerging from the pouch towards a piece of chocolate Kiki is eating. Clearly Toto has all of the right instincts for a brushtail. [BTW, the possums here are very rarely given chocolate and only in small quantities.]

Kiki with Toto's hand emerging from her pouch - 20th Feb 2015

More pictures of the little one back-riding. Kiki is putting up with it quite cheerfully.

Kiki with Toto back-riding - 1st March 2014 [Photo by Xesce]

Kiki with Toto back-riding - 5th March 2014 [Photo by Xesce]

Meanwhile, Farley is using the possum boxes pretty much every day but still keeps away from humans.

Wasabi has visited again, and this time came into the house - possibly because Kiki and Toto were visiting at the same time. He is still happy and healthy.

Comet is also still around. He is bulking up around the shoulders and looking more like an adult possum all of the time. Here's a photo of him looking (from a safe distance) at Kiki with Toto on her back. He probably realises his days in the area are numbered.

Comet - 22nd Feb 2015 [Photo by Xesce]

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