Tuesday 31 March 2015

Update 31st Mar 2015

Kiki, Toto and Comet are all visiting regularly and in good health.

Toto - 27th Mar 2015

Toto is a typical independent and adventurous baby brushtail. He [I'm assuming Toto is male, although there's no definite proof yet] frequently visits by himself, and even when very young, would run off into a distant tree when he scored a particularly juicy morsel of food.

Toto, a little possum on his own in a big tree - 29th Mar 2015

Kiki being silly - 23rd Mar 2015

A new male possum has been seen a couple of times (at least I'm assuming it was the same one each time). He's probably around Farley's size but is more grey in colour. He was seen once scent-marking in Box 3 after Farley had slept there, once sleeping in the ceiling (I'm not sure if he was trapped in there, but I left open the trapdoor - which was put in last time a possum got trapped there - to let him out), and once mating with Kiki.

Some of the footage of this has been posted on YouTube.

Kiki and unknown possum mating - 27th Mar 2015 [Filmed by Xesce]

There is more footage than this, and I will probably edit the remainder together into another movie. The Possum TV channel is well on the way to becoming the chief purveyor of Possum Porn on the web.

Wasabi has visited a few times recently and is still happy and healthy. Tilda also made an appearance. Since Tilda visits so rarely, I thought I'd post her photo - this was the best one I could get. Tilda has babies in the pouch.

Tilda - 28th Mar 2015

Farley - 12th Mar 2015

Farley has some exudative dermatitis which will need to be treated. He will be the first possum to require treatment since Wasabi's tail injury of over a year ago.

Farley with exudative dermatitis - 29th Mar 2015

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